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Green Tea and Lung Cancer

We know tea is good for us – and the truth is, we just simply love tea – the fact that it’s good for us is really just the icing on the cake.… Continue reading

What’s wrong with what we eat

Alright – now for anyone who knows me, you know that I’m a committed meat eater. I mean, deprive me of a good burger and I’m not a happy camper. I stumbled however… Continue reading

Tea Time!

More entries for the ‘Calma-Sutra of Tea Scholarship’. We can’t get enough of these.

High Blood Pressure – the Japanese approach…

Well – you can’t say they don’t get your attention! Here is a Japanese ad for tea – their approach is to help with high blood pressure…

The Power of Tea

One more…this one I believe is still being edited – so we’ll re-post when we see the final version – but this version is already brilliant!

More Creativi-tea

The Tea Association of the US runs a fantastic competition every year called the Calm-a-Sutra of Tea.  It’s a creativiy contest challenging College kids to put together an original video highlighting the health… Continue reading

If only Popeye would have known…

By now you’ve surely heard about that fabulously good for you tea called Matcha.   But what is it – where does it come from – and why should you care.  Matcha today is… Continue reading

Detox – Day 10

Well – I made it.  Yes – I know I said this would be a fourteen day detox – but unfortunately, I have a pastry tasting scheduled for today – and that will… Continue reading

Detox – Day 9

Sundays seem to be the hardest day to stay on track.  I’m at home – and I would like nothing more than to slip into old habits – start the day with the… Continue reading

Detox – Day 8

I’m thinking less about what I’m eating – that would mean I’m forming habits – that’s a good thing. Here was the menu for the day: Breakfast: Oatmeal in 1% milk – banana… Continue reading

Detox – Day 7

I was very good today – and didn’t feel like I was sacrificing – good place to be.  I don’t like that I have to think about everything I’m eating – as a whole… Continue reading