Tea for Two

We use the expression all the time – but does anyone remember that Tea for Two is a real song – actually, it’s a 1950 Doris Day movie – below is the original… Continue reading

Drawn to Charlie Chaplin

I was reminded the other day watching this clip of how much I loved watching Charlie Chaplin as a child.  Not because I found him funny, but for some reason I was drawn… Continue reading

An ode to the tea marshmallow – homemade ones ofcourse!

Now I’ve never been a big fan of marshmallows – but a few months ago, I decided to make my own.  I thought to myself, this treat was a recipe long before it… Continue reading

The Meaning of Tea

We often talk about the romantic world of tea – yes it’s a commodity – yes it’s a business – but there is a long history and romance that surrounds this fascinating ‘commodity’.… Continue reading

How life changes you when you least expect it

Rick Smolan is a photographer – an accomplished photographer.  Rick was sent on assignment by TIME to do a story on Amerasian kids in Korea – these are children born of American GI’s… Continue reading

Teapot, Teapots and Teapots

We thought we loved teapots – well…this blog, Teapots Teapots Teapots, is dedicated entirely to teapots – small teapots, large teapots, silver teapots, glass teapots.  The blog belongs to Andy Titcomb, who also… Continue reading

Steep It!

Not sure how long to steep your tea for?   Wrapped up and forget about your tea?  I don’t know about you – but there really is little more annoying than tea that… Continue reading

The Power of Tea

One more…this one I believe is still being edited – so we’ll re-post when we see the final version – but this version is already brilliant!

More Creativi-tea

The Tea Association of the US runs a fantastic competition every year called the Calm-a-Sutra of Tea.  It’s a creativiy contest challenging College kids to put together an original video highlighting the health… Continue reading

Wabi-Sabi – the Japanese aesthetic of beauty

We live in a world where new is good – perfection is strived for – and young is beauty.  We thought however that we would share with you today a beautiful aesthetic that… Continue reading

Milk Oolong – again

Yes – we made a brief blog entry about Milk Oolong when we first introduced it to our tea collection – but I’ve decided to go back and tell you the story behind… Continue reading