Stay Hungry…Stay Foolish

Here is an inspiring talk given by Steve Jobs – that’s Apple to you technophobes – at the Stanford University commencement. It’s a simple message, but one we need to hear sometimes again… Continue reading

Green Tea and Lung Cancer

We know tea is good for us – and the truth is, we just simply love tea – the fact that it’s good for us is really just the icing on the cake.… Continue reading

What’s wrong with what we eat

Alright – now for anyone who knows me, you know that I’m a committed meat eater. I mean, deprive me of a good burger and I’m not a happy camper. I stumbled however… Continue reading

The adventures of Matt & Nat continue

Like a sweet treat you sit back and savour sometimes…. Day 16 Day 17 Day 18 Day 19

It glows???

We can wrap our heads around tea making YOU glow – because it cleanses your body and spirit – but this – well this is whole new territory – and we really don’t… Continue reading

The Energy of Tea?

Some of us drink tea to feed our brains – some of us to quench our thirst – some to nourish our soul.  Could it be possible then that we could perhaps use… Continue reading

The Tea Song

People’s creativi-tea is always an inspiration…ENJOY…

Tea CAN fix everything

Need another Matt & Nat fix??

They’re not done yet – well…the videos aren’t done yet – here they are – more Matt & Nat!   Here are days 10 – 15 – my favourite…The teardrop on the face… Continue reading

More Matt & Nat

I hope you’re hooked – because here are some more installments of the journey – from tea country to Buddhism to buying silk…  All brought to you by Karmacake. Day 4 Day 5… Continue reading

Living Vicariously

Sometimes we all need to escape – sometimes we’re able to do it and sometimes we need to find someone like Matt & Nat and live vicariously through them.  Now I’ve never met… Continue reading