The Tea Social

Tea has always been a very social beverage (though it can also be enjoyed in solitude), but never has tea been more social (in a social networking sense, anyway), until the past two… Continue reading

The Whimsical Photographs of Rodney Smith

First off, some news. After a long hiatus from the blogging world, we are back! There are changes and projects coming our way, and we have all been busy bees, naturally! Take a… Continue reading


Amongst our discoveries of cool – different – designs – we came across this little gem.  Designer Soon Mo Kang came up with this fun idea – Hanger Tea – a teabag shaped… Continue reading

Don’t Smoke Tea, Drink Cigarettes

Huh?  This gets ranked in the category of bizarre inventions – or better yet – why?  Well, Russian industrial designer Anton Schnaider created the ad you see here.  His plan was that the… Continue reading

Just Ice It!

The hot days of summer are upon us and with that the instinct to grab an ice cold drink. The truth of the matter is that a hot beverage in the heat is… Continue reading

Love and Dedication

We were inspired by this article we recently saw about Wu Qingliang – a tea farmer in China who has saved two years worth of earnings to walk from Shanghai to Beijing with… Continue reading

An Ode

AN ODE TO FIRST FLUSH DARJEELING as month and month passes by the warm spring sun fills the sky i wait in heated anticipation as the fresh crop grows in the plantation leaves… Continue reading

The final Matt & Nat

So…I clicked on the first link months ago and have shared with you the adventures of Matt & Nat – here are the final clips.  I have savoured each and every one and… Continue reading


This TED talk clip reminded me of an old myth about the bumblebee. The myth says that the bumblebee, through the laws of aerodynamics, should not be able to fly. its wing size… Continue reading

Did you miss Matt & Nat?

The adventure continues… Day 17 Day 18 Day 19 Day 20

Pret a por-Tea

Well – if it gets you drinking the fabulous beverage…then we’re all for it.  But some things you just have to smile at.  A German company has designed teabags with the likeness of… Continue reading