The Timeless Art of Tea

On Monday we filmed a promo shoot for a competition we’re entering.  The theme we chose to work around was the timeless art of tea.  I went through several makeup and hair and wardrobe changes – and yes the day was thoroughly exhausting.


The day made me think however about this amazing industry I have chosen called tea and how truly timeless this commodity is.  And yes, it is a commodity, because there is most certainly an entire industry built around it.  I say this to all the students I teach, this industry is made up of so many different layers, and every single layer is unique in its own special way – all cogs in a wheel.  Those cogs however, those layers are all rooted back to the exact same place…the precious tea pluckers in the countries of origin who have been handling this amazing product in fundamentally the same way for thousands of years.


No matter who you are, no matter what your status is, no matter which era you live in, no matter what type you prefer, tea has not changed.  I have in essence the same tea in my cup as you do in yours as the pauper does in his as Queen Lizzie does in hers.  

The timeless simplicity of tea…