Just Ice It!

The hot days of summer are upon us and with that the instinct to grab an ice cold drink. The truth of the matter is that a hot beverage in the heat is what will actually cool you down.  I know, I know, counter-intuitive for us – but it’s true.  By bringing your inner temperature up to your outer temperature, your body actually manages to cool itself.  I could tell you all about your body needing to maintain it’s core temperature and the effect that temperature has on the hypothalamus – but just look at the Bedouin’s in the dessert.  These desert living nomads live in the hottest place in the world – the Sahara can reach up to 58 C – and their beverage of choice…you guessed it…hot tea.

For those of you that still aren’t buying it – Just Ice It!  That’s right – take your favourite tea and chill it – it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Iced Tea
Steep 6 tsp of your favourite tea –  in 1/2 litre of boiled water.
Remove tea and sweeten to taste.
Top with 1/2 litre of cold water OR fill pitcher with ice cubes.
Voila!  Iced tea.